THE MANAGER WAS VERY PROFESSIONAL!!!! Just Brakes Rosenberg Texas Online Review Part 1: In October my wife and I spent approximately 500.00 on brake work at Just Brakes. One month ago the brakes started to make noise. I brought my vehicle to your Location and dealt with Larry, the manager, who was very professional and courteous. He test drove our car and did the necessary work on it himself. The issue turned out to be a misalignment of the rear brakes. ALLOWING ME TO COME INTO THE GARAGE!!! Very honest work. Allowing me to come into the garage to actually look at the parts that needed to be replaced made me feel very comfortable that the work was honest and of good quality. RECEIVED OUTSTANDING QUALITY!!! Work completed in a timely manner yes, but the Quality of the work is more important than the speed/time to complete the job. Received outstanding Quality.